St Catharine of Siena School Walk-A-Thon

Event Information

Our Top 5 Fundraisers:

Rank Name Amount
#1 Ryland Hollinger $1,050.00
#2 McKeone Family $730.00
#3 Grace Impellizzeri $590.00
#4 Monica Stratton $450.00
#5 Ally Devine $435.00

Our Top 5 Fundraising Teams:

Rank Team Name Amount
#1 The Nerney Crew $875.00
#2 Vu Family $820.00
#3 Trupp $700.00
#4 Team Impellizzeri $590.00
#5 Team Hearing $575.00
#6 keperling kids $545.00
#7 Fretz girls $520.00
#8 Hazel & Emmitt Lutz $505.00
#9 Team Grande $500.00
#10 D'Angelo Boys $469.00

Tips for Raising Money

Don't forget to ask everyone you meet to support you in your walk-a-thon. Ask them for $10 or $20 - small amounts can make a difference! Ask not only your co-workers, family and friends, but your hair dresser or barber, your mail carrier, your kids' teachers, your clients, your baker, your favorite store owners and others you interact with regularly. See DoJiggy's Participant Fundraising Library for fundraising ideas and tips, sample letters, a detailed User Guide to the Participant Control Panel, and more!


Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, along with sunglasses and a hat or other sun protection. You can walk at your own pace during the weekend of September 19/20 or September 26/27!

Thank You to our Sponsors

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."