St Catharine of Siena School Walk-A-Thon

Walkers List

First Last Team Name Sbup
General Donation  
Martha D'Achille  
Jorge Schodowski  
Maira McCartin  
Hunter Tammaro  
Gia Grande  
Michael Tomaszewski  
Lillian Cambria  
Cole Sharp  
Mila Sharp  
Audrey Lenhart  
Ally Devine  
Ryland Hollinger  
Lucas Miller  
Brianna Devine  
Ally Devine  
Henry Florentin  
Lena Guarino  
Tyler Osorio  
Monica Stratton  
Roxanne Davis  
Anna Nowotarski  
Liam Atkins  
Roman Webber  
Timothy Belschwinder  
Arina Lin  
Selina Lin  
Diming Lin  
Carly Hill  
Carly Hill  
Mackenzie Robinson  
Steven Bibbo  
Destinee Melendez  
Giovanna Lundy  
Isaac Munz  
Emma nowotarski  
Emma nowotarski  
John Cambria  
Melissa Williams  
Prudence Barbera  
Alivia Galan  
McKeone Family  
Bonnie Novicki  
Madelyn Klinger  
Lilly Decembrino  
Dylan Amey  
Johnny Kurtas  
Stella Schneider  
Chloe Yoder  
Natalie Resh  
Kelly Eichenlaub  
Marcella Kraycik  
Maxamillian Grande  
Mason Mace  
Aura Shean  
Marco Matyas  
Libby Crea  
Arianna Salvatore A and A Salvatore
Alessandra Salvatore A and A Salvatore
Devin Ashcroft Ashcroft's Athletes
Annabella Carannante Carannante Family
Lorenzo Carannante Carannante Family
Braylon D'Achille D'Achille Family
Emma D'Achille D'Achille Family
Martha D'Achille D'Achille Family
Joseph D'Angelo D'Angelo Boys
Christopher D'Angelo D'Angelo Boys
Alyvia Fretz Fretz girls
Ella Fretz Fretz girls
Lydia Fries Fries Family
Chase Gonzalez Gonzalez
Hazel & Emmitt Lutz Hazel & Emmitt Lutz
Madyson Hirneisen Hirneisen
Emily Hirneisen Hirneisen
Lillie Keperling keperling kids
Connor Keperling keperling kids
Audrey Keperling keperling kids
Parker Keperling keperling kids
Madeline Kieffer Kieffer
Emma Kieffer Kieffer
Jacob McCue McCue McCue Family
Dennis McCue McCue Family
Josh and AJ Miller Miller Boys
Erin Miller Miller Kids
Chloe Montowski Montowski Family
Ashley Rivera Rivera's
Ella Rivera Rivera's
Nora Rivera Rivera's
Omari Scull Scull Family
Dylan Skolny Skolny Boys
Garrett Skolny Skolny Boys
Jennifer Sneeringer Sneeringer Family
Olivia Sneeringer Sneeringer Family
Jake Sneeringer Sneeringer Family
Benjamin Sneeringer Sneeringer Family
Marisa Strunk Strunk Family
Lisa Strunk Strunk Family
Carter Strunk Strunk Family
Jacob Moore Team Beach Moore

Thank You to our Sponsors

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."