St Catharine of Siena School Walk-A-Thon

Walkers List

First Last Sbdown Team Name
Maxamillian Grande  
Chase Gonzalez Gonzalez
Joshua Gilbert Team Gilbert
Luke Gilbert Team Gilbert
Alivia Galan  
Lydia Fries Fries Family
Alyvia Fretz Fretz girls
Ella Fretz Fretz girls
Henry Florentin  
McKeone Family  
Kelly Eichenlaub  
Micah Drumheller Team House of Chaos
Colton Drumheller Team House of Chaos
General Donation  
Liam Dolan Team Dolan
Ally Devine  
Brianna Devine  
Ally Devine  
Cailin Dempster Team Dempster
Jakob Dempster Team Dempster
Lilly Decembrino  
Roxanne Davis  
Christopher D'Angelo D'Angelo Boys
Joseph D'Angelo D'Angelo Boys
Martha D'Achille  
Braylon D'Achille D'Achille Family
Emma D'Achille D'Achille Family
Martha D'Achille D'Achille Family
Libby Crea  
Owen Crass The Sole Brothers
Patrick Crass The Sole Brothers
Annabella Carannante Carannante Family
Lorenzo Carannante Carannante Family
Lillian Cambria  
John Cambria  
Steven Bibbo  
Timothy Belschwinder  
Prudence Barbera  
Liam Atkins  
Devin Ashcroft Ashcroft's Athletes
Dylan Amey  

Thank You to our Sponsors

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