St Catharine of Siena School Walk-A-Thon

Walkers List

First Sbup Last Team Name
Maira McCartin  
Marcella Kraycik Team Tiny Tim
Marcella Kraycik  
Marco Matyas  
Marisa Strunk Strunk Family
Martha D'Achille  
Martha D'Achille D'Achille Family
Mason Mace  
Maxamillian Grande  
McKeone Family  
Melissa Williams  
Micah Drumheller Team House of Chaos
Michael Tomaszewski  
Mila Sharp  
Molly Hearing Team Hearing
Monica Stratton  
Natalie Resh  
Nora Rivera Rivera's
Olivia Sneeringer Sneeringer Family
Omari Scull Scull Family
Owen Crass The Sole Brothers
Owen Trupp Trupp
Parker Keperling keperling kids
Patrick Crass The Sole Brothers
Peter Schmehl Team Schmehl
Portia Lepore Team Lepore
Prudence Barbera  
Roman Webber  
Roxanne Davis  
Ryland Hollinger  
Selina Lin  
Stella Schneider  
Steven Bibbo  
Susan Stroud Team Stroud
Timothy Belschwinder  
Tyler Osorio  
Vaughn Oswald Team Oswald
Vienna Vu Vu Family
Viet Vu Vu Family
Vinson Vu Vu Family
Wesley Walton Walton Walkers
Zach Nerney The Nerney Crew

Thank You to our Sponsors

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